Celebration of lives for Pete and Nick

Posted by:
Harold Schrage (Events Director)
Tuesday January 15, 2019 10:57 am

The chapter meeting, this Sunday the 20th, will be specifically a celebration of the lives of our two wonderful brothers that both left us so suddenly within the last 2 weeks. The board will briefly discuss the sequence of events since our holiday party and then we will open the floor for members and guests of both of these great veterans.

Since we are meeting at the Sizzler and we are paying for each attendee we ask everyone present to pay the usual $15 to partially cover the meals and beverages provided. We know it's tacky but we are obligated by a variety of laws and customs to do this.

Shirley Scott has a fantastic idea. Leonard, Loretta and Robert have been active great supporters of current returning veterans and older vets that mat be in need. Nick's family donated ALL of his clothing (11 bags) to the clothing room at the Sepulveda VA.

In lieu of flowers please bring a donation of new or used clothing to the meeting to be taken to the locker the following week. They definitely need new, packaged, men's and women's underwear, socks etc. They really can use sizes M, XL and up for men in clothes as there large racks are currently full.

We will not publicly issue any chapter information at this meeting but anyone NEEDING to know more can contact the new board members privately by phone.